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Developing the Drift Table.
In: TaskCam Demo @ CHI 2018.
Making Spaces: how design workbooks work.
In: "Big Bang Data Somerset House, London, United Kingdom, Datacatcher Boucher, Andy ; Cameron, David; Gaver, William ; Hauenstein, Mark; Jarvis, Nadine ; Ovalle, Liliana and Pennington, Sarah.Home Beyond Home: Dwelling With itunes gavekort elgiganten Threshold Devices.Cambridge, United Kingdom 25-Age and experience: ludic engagement in a residential care setting Blythe, Mark; Wright, Peter; Bowers, John ; Boucher, Andy ; Jarvis, Nadine ; Reynolds, Phil and Gaver, William.All information on this page was submitted to Maryland Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted.'Ambiguity as a resource for design'.Synthesizing auditory icons Gaver, William.Pick Your Own Pumpkin for that perfect Halloween activity!Issn The SonicFinder, An Interface That Uses Auditory Icons Gaver, William.Isbn Viewfinders: Thoughts on Visual Design Research Raijmakers, Bas; Miller, Samantha; Gaver, William and Boucher, Andy.

The Photostroller: supporting diverse care home residents in engaging with the world.
In: "Drift Table at Cultures of Change Arts Santa Monica, Spain, 10 December - hm rabattcode 28 February 2010.
The Prayer Companion Boucher, Andy ; Bowers, John ; Gaver, William ; Jarvis, Nadine and Kerridge, Tobie.
Date You Visited: Before 2015 20eason 2017 Season September 2018 Oct 1-7, 2018 Oct 8-14, 2018 Oct 15-21, 2018 Oct 22-30, 2018 Oct 31, 2018 November 2018 Never Visited Other.Indoor Weather Stations: Investigating a Ludic Approach to Environmental HCI Through Batch Prototyping Gaver, William ; Bowers, John ; Boucher, Andy ; Cameron, David ; Hauenstein, Mark ; Jarvis, Nadine and Pennington, Sarah.Affordances FOR interaction: THE social IS material FOR design.New Orleans, United States.The Video Window (Overview).London: Routledge Press,.

'The prayer companion : openness and specificity, materiality and spirituality'.