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After preparing his drinks and presentation the whole night until in the morning, Jonas was up at noon for the The Shape of Cocktails To Come Challenge.
The Nordic Botanist Tanqueray Ten, Fermented Carrot Juice, Seabuckthorn, Gentian Liquer, Lavender and Bergamot Extract.
Jonas did an excellent job here, and I think this was his best presentation so far.After some difficulties with the preparation, Jonas got into his flow and served the imaginary President Barack and Michelle Obama his delicious drinks, which where: The Rocket ship Tanqueray Ten, Sloegin, Apricot Liquer, Coffee infused Ron Zacapa 23, Floral Lemon Sherbet, Soda True Hawaaian Ketel1.I was so happy for him after this, and as proud as I could be!After a long journey from Copenhagen over Frankfurt to Miami, we arrived in the late afternoon in our hotel, the 1 Hotel South Beach.This last challenge was the The Art of Blending Challenge.These can be linked together with an idea or theme and the menu can be delivered in any way, making it the most creative challenge in the whole competition.It is held by one of the worlds biggest spirit companies, Diageo.This was by invitation from Diageo and was held out of the hotel to support the local restaurants.

In this challenge Jonas had to make 3 cocktails that show in different ways how he thinks the future trends of cocktails are going to unfold.
By Patrick Graser (Investigative Bartender Reporter.
Jonas (the bearded god) and Patrick.Day 2 / The first 2 challenges for Jonas.I loved that moment, when he was asked if he needs a refill for the cocktail to try, and Jonas just answered: No that's alright, I got it sorted out!At the pool people could enjoy a proper Gin Juice menu and a Ron Zacapa special serve, the Royal!Alex Kratena, former bar manager of the Artisian in London, which won the Worlds Best Bar award 3 times in a row.Jonas seemed really confident, and it looked like he nailed all the whiskies after about 10 minutes.Day 3 / the last 2 challenges before the first cut to the top 12 The Miami Pool Party Challenge is really a tough one.Then the bartender has to present their Digestif Trolley serve.At the 2016 Edition, 56 bartenders are representing their countries!Update: Jonas made in into the top 12!

In the evening we split up into groups and transported to different locations in Miami down town to have dinner.
What a brilliant move from our guy, I believe this was the best menu design in the whole competition.