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Declare @description varchar(255 print 'OLE Automation Error Information eXEC @hr sp_OAGetErrorInfo @object, @source OUT, @description OUT.Datum a as, náhled, rozmry.If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact the author.Introduction, so, you're trying to execute a DTS package from your favorite scripting language, and you just haven't found an easy way to.IF @hr 0, begin print Unable to get steps' exec sp_displayoaerrorinfo @oPkg, @hr return.IF IS NOT null drop table #PkgResult.Pvodní soubor ( pixel, velikost souboru: 650 KB, mime typ: image/jpeg).Seems like Microsoft would have provided an easy way to do this via a stored procedure, but they didn't.Decembra 1948 o predení niektorch zmenkoprávnych lehôt národné shromadenie republiky eskoslovenskej usnieslo sa na tomto zákone: 1 (1) Lehoty na uplatnenie nárokov zo zmeniek znejúcich na pengö a vystavench.IF @hr 0 begin select @output ' Source: ' @source print @output select @output ' Description: ' @description print @output END.

I know I've inspiration til hjemmelavede gaver made a few changes to the stored procedures, but this does look like the code I first saw posted.
Creating the spExecuteDTS The next thing you need to do is to create the "spExecuteDTS" stored procedure.
@PkgPWD The password for the DTS package.
Autor: MildaX, hodnocení: 6 / 10).The second stored procedure actually handles the execution of DTS package.For example, to invoke the stored procedure in SQL, you can use the following syntax: Source Code - for running SQL server security authorization spExecuteDTS 'dtsImportData 'sa' -/ or /- spExecuteDTS 'dtsImportData 'sa 0 - for running SQL server security authorization spExecuteDTS 'dtsImportData 'sa.Else begin print ' sp_OAGetErrorInfo failed.' return END.IF @hr 0 begin print Unable to get number of steps' exec sp_displayoaerrorinfo @Steps, @hr return 1 END while @StepCount 0 begin exec @hr sp_OAGetProperty @Steps, 'Item @Step output, @StepCount IF @hr 0 begin print Unable to get step' exec sp_displayoaerrorinfo @Steps, @hr return.The following code should be added to the database before creating the spExecuteDTS stored procedure.2011, 15: (650 KB soerfm, crop, color adjustment, shadow reduction.END, eXEC @hr sp_OAGetProperty @Steps, 'Count @StepCount output.Autor: MildaX, hodnocení: 4 /.