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He's going to kom og vind java show us a few more he's made.
600,000 Mac-registered Mac developers.
Xander Soren, product manager, will demo it for.10:03.m.: There are lots of developers too, says Cook.You can see the audio fade-in change as you're editing it, he shows.Steve Jobs takes the stage to lots of applause.That's for the 11-inch model with 64GB of memory.We're on schedule, we feel really good about." 11:09.m.: The Mac App Store is going to be really great for our users and we don't want to wait for Lion.Sound effects in sh Lowensohn/cnet10:28.m.: You can also select a scene and choose "instant replay" from the Clip menu, and an instant-replay title will be automatically added to your video.Cupertino, Calif.-Fresh off of crowing about strong iPhone sales, and unloading on Google and Android, Apple is turning its attention to one of its smallest businesses: the in us live as we find out for sure what Apple has in store."We keep improving it every year." The new version, iLife '11 is here today.10:01.m.: Putting Apple revenue in context, Mac revenue made 33 percent.I feel like 11-inch is the most useful size right now for portability/productivity balance.

10:00.m.: Thanks for coming, he says.
Josh Lowensohn/cnetgarageBand gets an update too.
New lessons in iLife 11 for guitar, piano, and in different styles.
We're just humac studierabat getting settled inside Town Hall here on the Apple campus.There are other effects, too, like "flash and hold" or "Ken Burns." 10:29.m.: You can also make your own movie trailer now."A great release Jobs says.11:28.m.: Steve says there's a hands-on room next door, so we'll pop over there right after this.And apps will be licensed for use on all your personal Macs.

"We're really excited about Lion he says.
Tim Cook, COO, will talk about the state of the Mac.
802.11n Wi-Fi, graphics, processor, though the battery takes up the most space.